Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ize of the World

You're sad but you smile, it's not in your eyes
Your eyeballs don't change, it's the muscles around your eyes
An egg to fertilize, a pulse to stabilize
A body to deodorize, a life to scrutinize
A child to criticize, young adults to modernize
Citizens to terrorize, generations to desensitize

A desk to organize, a product to advertise
A market to monopolize, movie stars to idolize
Leaders to scandalize, enemies to neutralize
No time to apologize, fury to tranquilize
Weapons to synchronize, cities to vapori–

- "Ize of the World" by The Strokes

Alternate Title: Thousand Pixel Stare

Date | May 2, 2017
Viewer | Firestorm
Post-Processing | Photoshop Elements 3 and

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